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Muscle Suits
Are you a tad too skinny to be a Action Hero??  A little overweight??  Donít worry, with this suit, youíre in business.  You too can wear spandex and look like a Action Hero.  This is an under suit made of spandex lycra.  The muscle parts are made of a soft polyurethane foam Ė consisting of; full chest, cod, 2 shoulders, 2 triceps, 2 biceps, 2 forearms, 2 back, glutes, 2 hamstrings, 2 quadriceps, 2 knees, 2 shins, 2 calves.  Very comfortable to wear as well as very light weight.  Will last as long as taken care of and not abused.
The pieces are glued permanently to the spandex suit of your own color choice.  Can also wear suit under ANY popular Action Hero type suit.


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