Some of you know me, some of you do not. I hope that those of you who do not know me will trust my opinion when I speak about these gloves. For the record, I have been making custom superhero suits for myself for more than ten years. It all started when I saw the first movie back in 89. By the time XXXcame out, I had my full costume complete, with full body armor, a custom sculpted cowl made by Hollywood pros, and the most kick butt cape on the planet. I used genuine ThunderWear gloves that were modified by a local leather worker. With my costume I did a personal appearance at the premier of XXXXX, I was on the local news station for a promotion I did during the “Death of XXXX” for XX comics, and was always the person everyone wanted a photo with at Halloween parties and parades.

Since then, I’ve been an rabid prop collector and costumer. Over the years, I’ve had many dealings with many people who make a wide range of products.

I can say without a doubt that the gloves I purchased from AA are some of the finest work I have ever seen. The entire transaction was a delight from start to finish. I expressed interest through e-mail, but had concerns about the sizing of the gloves. I have notoriously small hands, but long arms. AA recommended a size, and gave me the price. I paypal’d the money, and received the gloves 2 days later. When I pulled them out of the box, my heart skipped a beat. The gloves are absolutely beautiful. I slid them on, and it felt like putting on a pair of shoes that I had been wearing for two years. The soft leather on the hands of the gloves conformed to my hand perfectly. The gauntlets ran all the way up my forearm to just below my elbow. The fins stick out at a perfect angle.

The craftsmanship on these gloves is absolutely without peer. They look like something you would buy off the shelf at Nordstroms. They look machine made, and perfect. There is no abnormal stitching, or any unevenness to the design. I am shocked by the high quality of these gloves. The leather is very nice and flexible, but rigid enough to hold its shape on the forearms.

The next day I got a phone call from the craftsman asking me if I liked the gloves. Now THAT’S customer service. I of course confirmed to him that I was in love with them, and wished that stuff of this quality was available to me back when I was first scrounging around for my suit.

The price for the gloves was perfect. I’m sure there are those who might think that  is a lot to pay for a set of gloves. However, having been in the hobby for as long as I have, and having seen a wide range of quality and pricing, I believe that this price is MORE than fair. Sure, I would love it if they were 10.00 bucks, but that’s unreasonable.

Folks, if you have the money, and the desire to have some serious high quality gloves, I recommend that you contact


Matt Munso


Hey guys Listen to me . I got my gloves 2 days ago and still haven't taken them off. I can't believe the quality and craftsmanship that went in creating these. If you pass up these gloves then you will hate yourself when you see them on somebody else. Trust me GET THEM FROM HIM NOW ! DON'T BE STUPID. Sorry for yelling but I just wanted to get my point across. I hope you get them so you can be as happy as I am

Jerry Duchirm

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